Orphans & Vulnerable Children
Zimbabwe is home to at least 1.2 Million orphans and vulnerable children that are currently not in family settings and our aim is to help them get into foster homes, finish school and live a healthy balanced life.

Poverty Alleviation
Deterioration of health and social indicators have resulted in an increase in vulnerability among all populations. Unemployment levels are well above 90% of the economically viable population. FM Ebenezer Trust provides capacity building and mitigation from extreme poverty.

Emergency & Disaster Relief
Our Emergency and Disaster Relief arm is ready to respond to effects and impacts of natural disasters by mobilizing resources to support and rehabilitate communities in dire need. High on our list is mitigation the effects of natural disasters such as cyclones, impacts of outbreak prone diseases such as cholera, typhoid and common diarrhea which have become endemic in Zimbabwe as well as El- nino induced drought.